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$9.99 for each 1 month

With this monthly subscription of $9.99, you will have access to all class videos...


Learn to Meditate with Deb Phelps

Meditation for Everyone

With this monthly subscription of $9.99, you will have access to all class videos that have been produced and are produced each week.
Plus other included bonuses.

As of April 11th, video classes that are available:

  • Making Meditation a Healthy Habit – 4 class series
  • Opening the Heart – 4 class series
  • Mindfulness: Loving Kindness – 5 of 8 class series (class in process)
  • Calm a Wandering Mind – 4 class series 
  • Meditation and Mindfulness – 1 of 4 (class in process)


  • May 2018 Meditation for Stress Relief
  • Introduction to Mindfulness – 6-8 class series (Coming later this year)
  • Other topics to come, Meditation for Relaxation …for Stress Relief… Overcoming Obstacles… Well-Being…Positive Emotions… Inner Peace…Different Types…Creating a Mindful Life…

There are approximately two (2) class sessions recorded each week. One on Mondays (Mindfulness Class) and one on Wednesdays (Meditation Themed Classes). Due to Deb’s schedule at times, a session may not take place.

There is a password-protected webpage on our site for access to videos and handouts. There is also a Facebook group where the video and handouts are posted as well.

At times you will have access to special bonus gifts such as these:

  • Meditation music
  • Specially recorded guided meditations, not available on our podcasts
  • E-books
  • Informative videos
  • 20% discount on One-on-One Instruction
  • More to come