If you are new to meditation or need support, soon I will be offering my Meditation 101 Class online very soon.

This past month I held the class here at my studio Madison. Soon I will be recording the teaching sessions and posting them to a new learning system through Teachable.com.

Stay tuned for this class which will contain videos, audios, handouts and optional sessions with me.

The students in the class here in Madison absolutely loved the class and are looking forward to joining me for workshops and the guided meditation classes I offer during the week.

I may offer the guided sessions online too if there is interest. The guided sessions are me leading you through various types of meditations. I speak only to help you keep focus. 

These meditations could be mindfulness, breath, loving-kindness, intention or affirmation, a journey to your inner self or inner guide, body scan, or others. If you are interested in any of this, send me a message below.

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