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  • Our instructors have vast experience in meditation and mindfulness. It is integral to all they do.

  • As a lifelong learner, I appreciate learning various meditation techniques. I am open to new and exciting approaches to a practice that has graced my life since the age of 16.

    I hope to continue to inspire others to embrace sitting on the cushion and taking the time for peace. I know from just teaching my spiritual classes that there is a desperate need right now for a calmer way to live in our seemingly chaotic world.

    I have had many tragedies in my life, and I know meditation is what continued to help me to heal over the years. I am committed to assisting you in bringing the same transformation into your life so you may experience a steady calm and sense of peace.

    ~ Deb Phelps, Founder of Meditation Stepping Stones

  • Deb Phelps


    Deb has studied and practiced meditation since 1980. In 38 years, she has studied a wide range of different meditation traditions: Mindfulness, Hindi, Buddhist, Centering Prayer, Native American, Modern Psychology, Yoga, and A Course in Miracles, to name a few. She has meditation training and certification in areas such as Transformation Meditation, Mindfulness/Insight Meditation, Skillful Mind, Mindfulness Exercises, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). She has recorded numerous audios and videos related to meditation and its practice. She currently has two meditation podcasts -"Meditation Pebbles: Five Minutes to Inner Peace" and "Peaceful and Healing Guided Meditations." Find Deb's meditations on the Insight Timer app. She is the founder of Meditation Stepping Stones and co-founder of the MiraclesOne Center for A Course in Miracles.

    Deb is based in Madison, Wisconsin

    Deb is the SkillFulMIND North American Leader and uses their meditation programs for some of her meditation classes.

  • Allison Heistand-Phelps


    Allison was exposed to meditation at a young age. She studied at Naropa University, a Buddhist-inspired contemplative University in Boulder, Colorado where meditation is a core component of Naropa’s philosophy. While at Naropa, she earned her Bachelor of Arts of Contemplative Psychology and Visual Arts: Concentration in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology and a Master of Arts in Transpersonal Counseling & Psychology: Concentration in Art Therapy. She is also a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado. Allison is currently studying to be a certified Meditation Instructor.

    Allison is based in Denver, Colorado area.

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