• Meditation

  • About Meditation Instruction

    Our Meditation Instruction is gentle and meets you where you are in your practice. Contact us for a free 20-minute consultation and we will assess and discuss options for your success.

  • Stepping Stones To Meditation Classes for Individuals

    When you are embarking on a journey, it is crucial to have a guide.

    Book a Session to benefit from:

    – Personalized guidance
    – Finding the right meditation technique
    – Developing a routine for practice
    – Practice accountability
    – Encouragement support and inspiration
    – How to navigate specific life situations
    – Developing insight and creativity
    – Study recommendations
    – Advice on next steps in one’s journey


  • Group Meditation Instruction

    Learn with a group for extra support and to develop your skills through guided practice.

    - Meditation Group Instruction via Video Conferencing

    - Meditation and Mindfulness Group Instruction in Madison, Wisconsin

    - Mindfulness Group Instruction via Video Conferencing

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