• Group Meditation Instruction

  • Stepping Stones To Meditation Classes

    Meditation and Mindfulness Class Options:

    Group Instruction via Video Conferencing with 4-session themed series

    Group Instruction in Madison, Wisconsin with 4-session themed series

    Mindfulness Group Study

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    Group Instruction

    Our Group Instruction is held via Video Conferencing with 4-Session Themed Series.
    We have a Madison, Wisconsin Group Instruction to begin in January 2018.
    A Virtual Classroom Group will begin in January 2018.

    Contact us if you are interested.

    Meditation for Stress Relief
    Meditation for Positive Emotions
    Meditation for Well-Being
    Overcoming Obstacles in Meditation
    Experiencing Different Types of Meditation
    and More

    Mindfulness Group Study

    Currently we are offering a Mindfulness book study with a practice session every other week.

    In 2018, we will offer an eight week Mindfulness Class.