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  • Reveal Your Inner Wisdom

    What is inner wisdom? Call it intuition, an inner intelligence, or perhaps a connection to the Divine. However you choose to define it, it's in the practice of meditation, this quieting of the mind and detaching from your thoughts that you allow your inner guidance to become uninhibited. When [...]

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    Forms of Mindfulness & Meditation Practice

    Just as with other new thing you start in your life, mindfulness and meditation takes practice.  If you want to experience acceptance and awareness of your thoughts, you need to cultivate it with repeated practice. If you are running a marathon you don’t start by running the entire 26.5 miles [...]

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    Therapeutic Mindfulness

    Mindfulness originates from the word ‘sati” which means awareness, attention, and remembering.  In modern days, and in order to incorporate mindfulness into our everyday lives, it is being used to alleviate clinical conditions and include qualities such as compassion, non-judgment, and [...]

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    3 Tips to Make Your Meditation Practice Fruitful

    As you start your meditation practice or wish to enhance your practice, here are some tips that can assist and benefit your continued practice. Designated Space Even though one can practice anywhere, including a busy airport. At home, it is nice to have a corner or room set up just for your [...]

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    Awakening to Joy Retreat - March 23-25, 2018

    Awakening to Joy Retreat Miracles and Mindfulness presented by MiraclesOne and Meditation Stepping Stones March 23-25, 2018 Bethel Horizons Art Ventures Retreat Center Dodgeville, Wisconsin with Deb Phelps, Donna Marie Cary, and Allison Phelps Are you ready to awaken to joy? [...]

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