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  • Discover Gratitude

    Gratitude opens up your way of thinking and can elevate your mood. We say "thanks" many times throughout the day. You may say it automatically when a cashier hands you your change or when someone holds the door for you. But how often do you really allow yourself to truly experience that [...]

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    Find Your Inner Balance

    It's natural to be drawn to your thoughts and to follow them--and a real skill and discipline to resist them. Now, of course, the goal is not to resist every thought you ever have! Your thoughts are not unhealthy in and of themselves, but wouldn't it be nice to let the negative ones roll by! When[...]

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    Observe Your Thoughts

    Once you've begun to learn how to quiet your mind, the next step involves watching how your mind works, independently of you. This might sound odd--after all, how do you observe something that essentially does all the observing? Learn to detach from your thoughts. Yogis have long known the [...]

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    Quiet the Mind

    If your brain had a volume dial, what notch would it be at right now? 2? 5? 9? The level of "noise" in your head greatly affects your ability to both work and relax effectively. Practitioners of Eastern disciplines such as martial arts or yoga know the clarity, strength, and power can only come [...]

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    Changing your life, even in small, incremental ways, can only happen effectively when you start with yourself. It's no different with happiness. After all, a happy life is not simply the result of luck, good fortune, or a personality trait. It's a decision you make to see yourself, others, and the [...]

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